Fiber internet is coming to Karval, CO

Karval Fiber – Community Meeting

Informational Meeting for Eastern Slope’s Newest Fiber Expansion Project

Eastern Slope is beginning a new fiber expansion project in Karval. We will attend the March School Board Meeting to discuss the project, why we are bringing fiber to the area, what fiber-to-the-home is, and how it will benefit you and the community.

This meeting will be at the Karval School on March 21, 2024, at 7:00 PM.

The School’s address is 16232 County Road 29. Bring any questions you may have.

Fiber Internet – It’s Worth The Wait

2 thoughts on “Karval Fiber – Community Meeting”

  1. I missed the meeting, but would like to know when this is going to happen and the prices.

    1. Eastern Slope

      Hello Lisa
      Thank you for your interest in the Karval Fiber to the Home meeting that we held in March. Eastern Slope has started the beginning stages of mapping and staking for the Karval exchange. We plan to start construction for the FTTH project in the Fall of 2024. There is no cost to have the fiber run in the Karval area. As far as the speed packages available when the fiber is live we will have 5 different packages and are moving our members over to the price equivalent package. There will be no changes in cost to your internet unless you choose a faster package.
      You can see our fiber speeds here –
      Please call the Business Office 719-743-2441 with further questions on the Fiber build in Karval.
      Thank you

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