Our Annual Meeting of Members

As ESRTA is a Cooperative, ESTech therefore is an equal opportunity provider and employer. As a part of our bylaws, (the latest version of our bylaws can be reviewed in our Capital Credits Brochure) every year we conduct an Annual Meeting. As a member of the Eastern Slope Cooperative, you are also an owner, you are invited and encouraged to participate! Following Annual Meetings, we also issue Capital Credit checks to eligible members. You can use your capital credits toward your current services. About Capital Credits What are Capital Credits? Capital credits reflect each member’s ownership in the cooperative. As a non-profit, ESRTA allocates its annual operating margins to the members in the form of capital credits, in proportion to the services purchased after all expenses have been paid. When the financial condition of the Cooperative permits and upon approval of the Board of Directors, a portion of these credits are refunded to the member in the form of a check. A more detailed explanation of capital credits can be found in Article VII Cooperative Operation of the Bylaws of Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association, Inc. To claim and use Capital credits ESTech needs to have your current address! Please contact our customer service team if you need to update your information. You can also review our: Capital Credits Brochure Our Most Recent Meeting You can always access information from our last meeting, by clicking to open and review the latest meeting highlights.

Annual Meeting of the Members

Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association, Inc. will hold its 71st Annual Meeting of the Members on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds building in Hugo, Colorado.

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Kit Carson

Petitions available in the Business Office on Monday, April 10, 2023.
As a member of the Eastern Slope cooperative you are also an owner.
Capital Credits…What do they mean to you.
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