ESTech Gives You Ultimate Control on Your Network!


WiFi-6 & the Command-IQ App

ESTech offers our membership the very latest state-of-the-art technology to manage your home network! With WiFi-6 weak signals and ‘dead’ spots will be a thing of the past, and the ESTech Command-IQ application puts simple and secure management at right at the tip of your finger.

Why is WiFi-6 Better?

WiFi-6 is built to perform better in your home. The router’s stronger signal virtually eliminates ‘dead’ spots in your home and delivers faster speeds to all your devices. 

Wi-Fi, Floorplan, Wi-Fi usability and capability
Comtrend router and modems
Other Routers
Calix U6 and U4
GigaSpire Router
"Weak" to "Strong" chart
Wi-Fi heatmap on a floor plan
Wi-Fi coverage on a floorplan

ESTech CommandIQ Management

In less than one minute,
set up your whole system

The freedom to link your whole
home, including your smart devices

Get real time updates on
 your network security
"Let's Get Started" page of Command IQ


Set-up Parental Controls &
regulate the web with ease


Create a guest network to connect
friends & family with a simple tap


Manage & analyze guest access
& device network speeds