A Local Provider With A Long History of Trust!


About Eastern Slope Technologies

ESTech is a division of ESRTA, a cooperative based in Eastern Colorado providing reliable high-speed internet services at great prices, with unbeatable customer service and tech support. Our by-laws are designed to ensure we provide the most dependable area-wide communications services for voice and broadband at the lowest cost consistent with a sound economy and good management.

With ESTech service you are not just a customer, you become a member and owner. Unlike corporations, our profits go back toward network improvement, service quality, and directly to our members in the form of capital credits on services. Our staff of skilled technicians and friendly customer support representatives are both knowledgeable and genuinely care about assisting membership. In addition to the high-speed internet and crystal-clear voice services you receive, as members of the Eastern Slope cooperative, you also earn capital credits that can be accrued and used on any service to which you subscribe.

Below is a brief outline of our co-op’s history:


  • In January 22, 1952, the original Certificate of Incorporation of Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association, Inc. was filed with the Colorado Office of the Secretary of State
  • In July of 1953, the purchase of the exchanges at Genoa and Arriba were made
  • In early 1954, plans were completed to acquire the Cherry Creek Telephone Company at Parker, the Kiowa telephone exchange, and the Elbert Mutual Telephone Association
  • In December of 1955, the Board of Directors approved funds to be used for construction in Kiowa, Elbert, and Parker
  • In April of 1958 total membership in ESRTA had increased to 678
  • In October of 1958, the Board of Directors purchased the Peyton Rural Telephone Association
  • In August of 1961, construction plans of a headquarters office building to be located in Limon were approved
  • In November of 1961 dial service was now available to Karval, CO
  • On January 1 of 1967, the transfer of properties in Eads, Hugo, Kit Carson, and Flagler were exchanged for Parker, Peyton, Kiowa, and Elbert, increasing access lines for the Eastern slope
  • 1967 also saw several switcher companies move to the headquarters building in Hugo, including the Nebraska Telephone Company of Hugo, the Buffalo Basin Telephone Company of Hugo, the County Line Telephone Company of Flagler, the Mt. Pearl Telephone Company at Kit Carson, the South Beaver Telephone Company at Woodrow, and the Prairie Queen Telephone Company at Eads
  • In 1976, upgrades to the system to one party service was completed and personnel moved into the new headquarters facilities in Hugo
  • In 1978, the General Manager made plans for digital switching equipment to be installed for the Hugo and Flagler exchanges
  • In 1984, the telephone industry was forever changed by the divesture of AT&T
  • In 1985, further upgrades to Eastern Slope’s systems were made, including new switches in Eads, Kit Carson, Genoa, Karval, and Haswell, as well as the replacement of over 400 miles of aerial cable with buried cable for the Flagler, Arriba, Genoa, and Hugo exchanges
  • In 1988, Colorado split into a new 719 area code, prompting seven-digit and eventually ten-digit dialing
  • In 1991, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission approved the expansion of free calling areas, and ESRTA joined with other telephone companies in the area to create fiber connections which link schools, courthouses, and hospitals to an interactive network for distance learning
  • Also in 1991, the rapid growth in the Denver metro area resulted into two more area codes
  • In 1992, Eastern Slope began to see growth on the Bennett exchange, so the switch was upgraded, and a remote switch was added to accommodate the new housing developments
  • Throughout 1996, Eastern Slope began to provide state-of-the-art services to customers such as call waiting, call forwarding, etc…
  • In 1997 voice messaging capabilities were added
  • In 1999, Equal Access to long distance carriers was offered in 1999
  • Presently, our General Manager is Bradley Welp is continuing the mission to oversee the growth, expansion, and service upgrades our membership enjoys with ESRTA and ESTech